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*Joey's Breakfast

avocado toast , smoked salmon, egg, cream cheese, arugula , tomato topped with olive oil and lemon , side of fruit

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American Breakfast Panini

Prosciutto, egg and provolone

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American Frittata

Fritatta with Egg, Bacon & American Cheddar

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American Panini

Turkey, ham & American cheddar

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Espresso based long drink

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Avocado Smoked Salmon Sandwich

multigrain toast, smoked salmon, avocado, egg, cream cheese, arugula , onions comes with a side chips

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Bacon Egg & Cheese Cornetti

Breakfast Croissant sandwich with bacon, egg & cheese

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Baldwin Bubble Waffle

bananas, nutella, whipped, cream

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Baldwin Kids Breakfast

3 Mini Mickey Mouse Waffles, one egg, 2 cheese sticks, Apple or Orange Juice or Chocolate Milk

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Baldwin Kids Lunch

3 dinonugget, 3 cheese sticks, fries, orange or apple juice or Chocolate Milk

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Baldwin Milk Shake

Classic, premium milkshake.

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Baldwin Spiced Breve

Espresso topped with steamed cream, white mocha, pumpkin & a special spice blend

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